HOW TO: Survive the return to work after maternity leave

I’ve been back working full-time for 2 months now and I’ve taken a longer break from blogging than anticipated. Mainly because I haven’t figured out how to fit everything all in and blog as well.  Granted many have trodden this path before, but my goodness how on earth do they do it?

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WITH HINDSIGHT: My Maternity Leave

My 9-month maternity leave is drawing to an end.  I’m back to work in less than a week.  I’m looking forward to it with a mixutre of excitment and apprehension.  I like working, and I always have.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and with the jobs I’ve chosen I know I’m making a difference in the grand scheme of things. I also love being a Mum and I’ve loved being with little dude every day.  I love seeing him grow and develop. I’m concerned though on how he will settle without me, and how he will cope without being breastfed during the day. I’m going back full-time so he’s doing 2 days nursery and 3 days grandparents.  Continue reading →