WITH HINDSIGHT: My Maternity Leave

My 9-month maternity leave is drawing to an end.  I’m back to work in less than a week.  I’m looking forward to it with a mixutre of excitment and apprehension.  I like working, and I always have.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment and with the jobs I’ve chosen I know I’m making a difference in the grand scheme of things. I also love being a Mum and I’ve loved being with little dude every day.  I love seeing him grow and develop. I’m concerned though on how he will settle without me, and how he will cope without being breastfed during the day. I’m going back full-time so he’s doing 2 days nursery and 3 days grandparents.  Continue reading →

Blogging Break – Still here!

Little dude is full of various viruses and colds at the moment. It’s been tough to manage looking after him and general lack of sleep. So I’ve taken a blogging break.

I’ll be back at some point in Jan. I’m back to work in 2 weeks (arg!) so no doubt I’ll be blogging about that. Plus I’ve also got some awesome posts lined up!

As Arnie said “I’ll be back”. 



My posts have been lacking in the festive theme this month.  I haven’t really taken part in blogmas, or anything Christmassy, so I was extremely happy when the awesome Rock and Roses Mama tagged me to do the Christmas Tag in her latest post.  If you haven’t had a chance to read my interview with her go check it out, and stop by her blog – reading it always makes me feel more sane!
This is the Christmas tag where you find out about how I spend my Christmas and any weird traditions I partake in. So let’s get festive!!! Continue reading →

INTERVIEW: with the fantastic The Mum Reviews


This month we have an awesome interview with Nicole from The Mum Reviews. I met Nicole over a crazy #tribalchat night on Twitter and that was my first introduction to her blog.  Not only is she an awesome Mum of two, but in between mumming and working she finds time to write her blog.  Her blog is full of yummy recipes, tips on parenting and of course reviews of products and places.  Her posts come just in time for me as they always seem to strike a chord, and not only intelligently written with wit, but are insightful too. Definitely deserving of a coffee break read! Continue reading →

OUT & ABOUT: Bloggers day out

Sparkly_Mummy (left) TheMumReviews (right) and I (bunny ears) had met during a #TribalChat night on Twitter and thought it would be a good idea to meet up since we all lived in the same locale and am never one for turning a random internet meet up. Continue reading →