Well I managed to do 16 days of play in #SENSORYDECEMBER (click for instagram hashtag). Considering I thought I’d only manage 6 days, 16 is pretty good going!  If you have no flipping clue what I’m on about read this post which explains what #SENSORYDECEMBER is.  In a nutshell, I challenged myself to create a new sensory activity for little dude each day in December. Continue reading →

HOW TO: Not bake with your baby

I had a disaster of a bake with little dude.  The awesome Scissors Paper Scone wrote this amazing blog post  on baking with young children which made me really want to get off my buttocks and do some baking. I used to love baking pre-baby so I thought it couldn’t be that hard with a baby attached.  Oh and I wanted cake, I always want cake.  What could go wrong right?! Continue reading →