HOW TO: Get a baby to take their medcine

We had an awful week last week.  Completely awful. It broke me, and it broke big dude too. Hence the reason this blog post is late.  There was a case of hand, foot and mouth, followed with impetigo, and the beginnings of a chest infection.  Not forgetting the normal teething drama. Continue reading →

HOW TO: Survive a baby stomach bug

Little dude has had a stomach bug for the last few of weeks.  We’ve had all shades of poo ranging from yellow to green (the lime green poo freaked me out a bit!).  It’s been endless changing of nappies and arms deep in poo.  It’s been exhausting but thankfully we’re at the end of it now.  I’ve got some little tips below to help you through this period if it’s happening to you.  Most of them are blindly obvious. However, if you’re suffering from baby brain, sometimes it’s nice to have the bleeding obvious pointed out. Continue reading →