Well hello there and thank you for dropping by.  Welcome to my blog.

I’m a complete newbie mum, blogger and bullet journaller. My little dude was born April 2016.  He’s a super cute, but gosh is he hard work as well.  He’s constantly teaching me new things along the way.  Being a new mum came with new responsibilities, and I’ve found that I have a lot of tasks to juggle during my maternity leave.  I came across bullet journalling back in August 2016 and it seemed that this system would be a great way to document my memories from now, and also help me get organised. Plus being a stationary addict, the system sat well with me :).

I’ve always wanted to start a blog and being a new mum seemed like the ideal time. Here you’ll find little tips I’ve picked up along the way.  

I’ve written this with the hope that it will help people muddle their way through this thing called parenting.