Well I managed to do 16 days of play in #SENSORYDECEMBER (click for instagram hashtag). Considering I thought I’d only manage 6 days, 16 is pretty good going!  If you have no flipping clue what I’m on about read this post which explains what #SENSORYDECEMBER is.  In a nutshell, I challenged myself to create a new sensory activity for little dude each day in December.

I got initial inspiration for planning out activities using I CAN Charity Babbling Babies activity cards.  Also, I may have looked at Pintrest and Instagram a little.

Most of December was full of illness for us and we couldn’t finish off the challenge. A little gutting, but that’s life with a small child.  Not everything can be staged for the blog!  Then Christmas happened and little dude was totally stimulated was having lots of sensory fun with all the presents he got.  We got a good run, and little dude had fun exploring new things each day.

So here’s a round out of the activities that we did.  These are suitable for 6-12 month olds.

  • Spoon Play – I got all the spoon like items we could find out of the kitchen and put them in front of little dude to explore. He was having fun banging them together and interested in the different noises they made.
  • Kitchen Percussion Set – Gave little dude a mixture of pots, pans and mixing bowls of different sizes and different materials. Each one of them made a different noise when banged with spoons.
  • Tickling Rhyme – Obviously I tickle little dude a lot but the  I CAN Charity Babbling Babies activity cards had this little rhyme on which was really cute. It’s good for their communication and senses as baby can learn about their different body parts while your saying the rhyme and its tactile too.  I say this rhyme to him every other day now.
  • Bubble Play – Yup, blowing bubbles is a baby fav. It’s also good for learning about cause and effect.  I blew bubbles and then popped them in front of little dude so he could learn that when a bubble is touched it pops!

  • Surprise Bag – I put a few everyday objects (stuff I could quickly grab from my kitchen) and stuffed them in a bag and allowed little dude to explore. Each time he picked an object up I explained what it was, what it was used for, how it smelt, how it looked and how it felt. He loved the silicone pastry brush the most but then I got paranoid that he’d bite the little flapping bits off so spent most my time trying to grab it off him. In hindsight I could have chosen better objects 😕!
  • Sensory Shaker – Your run of the mill sensory bottle. Bottle filled with lentils and rice for little dude to shake.
  • Noodle Play – It was meant to be spaghetti play but we only had noodles in the cupboard (sigh). Noodles only took 2 mins to make = Rice noodles + boiling water 💦 – wait 2mins, drain and add a little oil to make sure they don’t stick together. Little dude loved this and kept him entertained for around 20mins. I dumped the noodles on his head and then sprinkled them around him from above. He was loving it and there was lots of giggles.
  • Everyday Box – I filled up with everyday objects he usually sees. When he touches one I explain what it’s for.

  • Toppling Towers – I built towers from everyday objects (anything that was an arm reach away), and stacking cups for him to topple. He looked pretty pleased with himself when he pushed them over. Shows you don’t need to buy the toys to get the same toppling effect.
  • Scarf Box – Another tried and tested baby sensory classic. I got some juggling scarves and stuffed them into a used tissue box for little dude to pull out and play with. He pulls one out and plays peekaboo with me straight after.
  • Paper Play – Little dude hasn’t had his hands on paper properly yet and I had some envelopes from Christmas cards lying around. After flapping them around for a bit I showed him how to rip them up which I think I’ll regret later. His hands haven’t got the coordination yet for a full on rip but he’s still trying.
  • Box Fort – We had a massive delivery from Amazon which means lots of box play. I created a fort around little dude with boxes. He had fun investigating each box full of stuff and checking out their sizes and weights.

  • Box Play – I put things in the boxes for little dude to explore and rummage around in. I literally picked up what I could find in 1 m radius around me, and plonked it in there.  He was having a good old rummage, and is now one our staple play activities.
  • Paper Box – These Amazon boxes have provided endless fun! I stuffed little dude into a box with the wrapping and he was having fun waving it around and pulling it apart.
  • Water Bead Play– I got some aqua beads to make the sensory bottles but kinda overfilled them because I didn’t know how much they expanded. They expanded so much they stopped moving around in the bottle! So I tipped out a whole load and put them in a plastic ziplock bag for little dude to smoosh around with.
  • Sensory Bottle – Got some Voss plastic bottles off eBay, some aqua beads, glitter, some glyercine and some sequences and made these Christmas themed sensory bottles.  He likes to roll them around on the floor, but still hasn’t quite got the hang of shaking them.

Last thoughts

I did love doing the #SENSORYDECEMBER challenge.  It was great planning the activities and dedicating time to playing with little dude on my last month of maternity leave.


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