I’m convinced I don’t play enough with little dude.  I’m sure all mums are convinced they don’t.  Between the play dates, coffees, lunches and classes I’m not sure if I spend enough time playing with little dude 1 on 1.

When I was pregnant I was determined that I was going to raise the next Einstein / massive tech-start up founder by my awesome developmental and play skills.  However, sheer exhaustion coupled with have no idea of how to play with him possibly scuppered that.  Plus once having him I realised I don’t really care what little dude grows up to be as long as he is safe, happy and in a stable environment.

Anyhoo, I’m still convinced that I don’t play enough with little dude so I am challenging myself to do a new sensory game with him every day in December.  It’s quite fitting as this is my last month of maternity leave and will give us a chance to bond.

img_2259Instead of scouring Pintrest for baby play ideas, I decided to be time efficient and use the I CAN Charity Babbling Babies activity cards to start off with for baby play ideas.  They were advertised at my local children’s centre as part of a new parents course and I’m so glad to have picked them up. They  have different play ideas for 3 different stages: 0-6 months,  6-12 months and 12-18 months.  Some of them you do naturally (e.g. peekaboo) and some of them are things I would never have thought of (e.g. wet play with bubbles).  It’s helpful to have them around as a prompt and when I’m lacking inspiration.  As I got more confident I’ve started coming up with my own.

I’ve used my bullet journal to plan out our sensory month. I’ve managed to fill up the first two weeks with ideas from the activity cards and some of my own.  Inevitably I will spend hours on Pintrest looking for some more, but at least it’s a good start!

Using the monthly spread format, I’ve noted an activity each day and down the left side I’ve listed things I need to do to facilitate the play sessions.  To make things manageable and doable, I’ve cross-referenced this with my actual diary so that I don’t schedule a hardcore play session (i.e. anything that gets little dude super messy) when we are out and about that day.

I’m really looking forward to our sensory december and will be posting pictures on my Instagram each day.  If you want to join in or follow, use the hashtag #sensorydecember.

Over to you – how do you play with your baby?  Can you give me any ideas?  Have you done a sensory challenge?



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