HOW TO: Survive a baby stomach bug

Little dude has had a stomach bug for the last few of weeks.  We’ve had all shades of poo ranging from yellow to green (the lime green poo freaked me out a bit!).  It’s been endless changing of nappies and arms deep in poo.  It’s been exhausting but thankfully we’re at the end of it now.  I’ve got some little tips below to help you through this period if it’s happening to you.  Most of them are blindly obvious. However, if you’re suffering from baby brain, sometimes it’s nice to have the bleeding obvious pointed out.

Before I crack on with the tips I will say if you’re worried, or there’s a change in symptoms or it’s been going on longer than a week go to the docs.

N.B. For the purpose of the review I was sent a tube of Sudocrem Care and Protect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Yes, bleeding obvious but there will be a time you forget to pick them up.  Just make sure that doesn’t happen when you’re arm deep in poo.  Buy more than you think you need for the week.  Stock up the changing bag as well, and pack twice more than you need.  I’ve gone through 3 nappies in 1 change so believe me you’ll need a lot.

Also, make sure they’re the right size. It will help lessen the inevitable poo explosion.

Stock up on the barrier cream

If you haven’t bought a barrier cream like Sudocrem Care & Protect yet, now is the best time.  The poo and the constant wiping can irritate your baby’s skin and cause nappy rash.  A baby with nappy rash is not a very happy baby at all. Barrier cream like Sudocrem Care & Protect help to prevent nappy rash. We use for every nappy change for our little one when he’s got a crazy tummy.  It’s cheap, and it does what is says on the tin.  If your baby gets the rash the Sudocrem’s Antiseptic Healing Cream works at clearing it up.

Be prepared for the poo-explosions (yes, plural!)

So this doesn’t matter so much when you’re at home, but when you’re out, you do not want to be caught off guard!  I had not one, but two when I was out within an hour of each other. Not fun, really not fun.  So when little dude’s tummy is up the creek this is what I pack with me to be prepared for the inevitable:

  • Plastic bag to take dirty clothes home
  • Pack 3 sets of clothes – overkill yes, but you just don’t know what will happen!
  • Extra packet of baby wipes
  • Lots of nappies and nappy bags!
  • Toy to distract baby while I’m changing (no one wants pooey baby hands *shudder*)
  • Disinfectant wipes – good for cleaning up changing mat after
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Travel size Sudocrem Care and Protect

Do not dress them in nice and/or white clothes

This is following on from the point above.  If you do have the inevitable explosion, it will ruin whatever they’re wearing.   One way to save clothes is just dressing them in the crappy clothes i.e. the ones that have been gifted to you that you never dress your baby in.

White is a complete no-no.  It will stain, unless you’re super quick to put it in the wash with a heap load of stain remover. I dressed little dude in clothes I liked but they were all dark colours so nothing would show even when washed.

Dress them in something easy to change

Obvious again, but it will save you so much time.  Sleepsuits and vests are the easiest thing to change in and out of.  However, if you don’t like the sound of that make sure that you can whip off the bottom and tops quickly. Now is not the time for fiddly skinny trousers, or tutu dresses unless you want to make your life harder.

Use the envelope sleeve

So this was news to me. My doctor friend told me this, and it’s like some parenting secret.  All vests and some tops have something called and envelope sleeve, the little folds on the shoulders.  It’s so you can pull down their vests over their body when it’s poo-laden, rather than pulling the poo up over their heads! Genius!

Cotton wool bath between baths

Realistically, you’re not going to be able to bathe your baby between every poo-explosion.  It’s not possible and it’s really hard work! So a good compromise is the good old top and tail technique used when they were newborns. Get a bowl of cooled boiled water and some cotton wool pads and wipe away. It cleans so much better than the baby wipes.

Last thoughts

Yes its gross, yes it seems endless, and yes you might have the nappy flashback which will make you shudder because it’s so bad, but this time will pass. Hopefully the tips above will help save some of your little ones clothes and maybe some of your sanity :).

Have you got any tips on how you survived a baby stomach bug?



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