HOW TO: Pick yourself up

I’ve not had the greatest week.  Mummying is tough!
Being an only child, I need alone time to recharge. The only time I’ve actually had time to myself (i.e. without a little person attached to me, or without any adults talking to me) is when I went for a job interview during maternity leave (there’s a post coming up about that). I was also fairly independent pre-baby – regularly jetting off half way around the world for a holiday by myself, trotting around the country for business, having regular days out without anyone there and able to do anything at the drop of a hat. Continue reading →

HOW TO: Not bake with your baby

I had a disaster of a bake with little dude.  The awesome Scissors Paper Scone wrote this amazing blog post  on baking with young children which made me really want to get off my buttocks and do some baking. I used to love baking pre-baby so I thought it couldn’t be that hard with a baby attached.  Oh and I wanted cake, I always want cake.  What could go wrong right?! Continue reading →

INTERVIEW: With the awesome Rock and Roses Mama


The Rock and Roses Clan

I’ve been reading the Rock and Roses Mama blog since my baby was born 6 months ago.  I love the way that she keeps it real, and has helpful little tips on not loosing your identity just because there’s now a baby around. Her blog posts have helped me ground and find myself again after the newborn haze.  Anyways, enough about me and onto getting know more about the Rock and Roses Mama… Continue reading →

HOW TO: Survive a baby stomach bug

Little dude has had a stomach bug for the last few of weeks.  We’ve had all shades of poo ranging from yellow to green (the lime green poo freaked me out a bit!).  It’s been endless changing of nappies and arms deep in poo.  It’s been exhausting but thankfully we’re at the end of it now.  I’ve got some little tips below to help you through this period if it’s happening to you.  Most of them are blindly obvious. However, if you’re suffering from baby brain, sometimes it’s nice to have the bleeding obvious pointed out. Continue reading →