OUT & ABOUT: Bloggers day out

Sparkly_Mummy (left) TheMumReviews (right) and I (bunny ears) had met during a #TribalChat night on Twitter and thought it would be a good idea to meet up since we all lived in the same locale and am never one for turning a random internet meet up.

We did all the things mum friends to would do: hung out at a local play group, ate cake (can’t have a Meetup and not have cake! – even though I have had cake everyday this week eeek) and chatted in the local ‘Spoons.

The meet up was a laugh, and it was good to meet new people but it reminded me of something important.  The Mum Tribe. Mum Tribes or a group of like-minded mums are vital showing you that you’re not alone in this parenting gig and feel like you’ve got your sh*t together even when your child is crying for no reason in particular, you’ve got sick down your top, leggings, and neck, and you’re pretty sure that your baby has spat food into your hair.

I’d never met these girls before, but here they were supporting me on my blogging journey and motherhood in a completely non-judgemental and inclusive way.  No competition but trying to help each other along, pass on knowledge and have fun  These qualities are SO important when you’re a new-mum or just in fact an everyday person.





  1. We had the best time too – sorry about kicking the tea all over your cake!!! Can’t wait to meet up again tho mimi slept for ages this afternoon it was great !!! See you soon big love to you and baba xxx

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    1. Hahaha I liked my tea soaked banana cake! Gave new texture / flavour to it! It was my fault anyways! Should have left it under my chair. Ah great, glad Mimi was pooped out! I think little dude has a cold. Went to sleep at half 5! Crazy. Looking forward to our next meet up with Peter Andre!!!!!!!!!! 😀 xxx



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