HOW TO: Self-care is not selfish – the importance of self-care for mums

This Tuesday I had a day out sans baby. My mum was babysitting little dude while I went up into London for lunch with a cheeky glass of wine and a meeting.  This was the first time since little dude was born that I had a full day to myself. The best part of the day was that I had an hour where there was no plan what so ever so I went for a walk along the Southbank. I cannot begin to describe how energised I felt after it.

As mums we sometimes forget that in order to look after our little ones as best we can, we have to look after ourselves too.  Looking after ourselves is important.  We need to dedicate time to ourselves to recharge our batteries, helping us be present for our kids. Self-care is not being selfish.  

Self-care can be any activity that lifts you up. It’s time where you concentrate solely on you, brings you pleasure and has a positive affect in your life. For me, it has always been taking a leisurely stroll exploring a new place or walking in an area with a lot going on and this was exactly what happened on Tuesday.  I can watch the world go by and get lost in thoughts at the same time.   Sometimes for me it’s as simple as having a long hot shower with no interruptions or wearing some striking red lipstick for the day which instantly puts me in a good mood.

Yes, I did get a pang of mum-guilt during the day, but then I realised that things like this make me a better mum.  Little dude has time to bond with his Grandma aiding my transition back to work and I have a few hours to myself to recharge my batteries, miss my little dude and to remind myself that I can hold conversations that are not just about green poo (true story).

Self care need not be a whole day to yourself (if you can do it totally recommend!).  It can be an hour where someone else is minding the baby, or just doing a small little pleasure for your self.

To get you started on your self-care journey or if you’re looking for ideas I’ve listed some things below that always pick me up.

Instant Pick Me Ups

  • Whack on some striking red lippy
  • Wear a top that feels nice against your skin
  • Wear an outfit because it makes you feel good
  • Take 5 minutes to centre yourself and focus on the moment
  • Make a really amazing sandwich – sounds daft but thoughtfully putting a good sandwich together really makes me happy!
  • Have a power nap while your baby is sleeping

Things You Can Do at Home

  • Have a long soak in the bath or a long shower
  • Do a colouring-in book
  • Read
  • Paint
  • Doodle
  • Write in a journal  – I love to bullet journal 
  • Write a gratitude log – this always centres me
  • Paint your nails
  • Declutter your house
  • Cloud watch in the backgarden

Things you need to leave the house for

  • Get a manicure
  • Go for a long walk
  • Go for a coffee by yourself
  • Take an hour out for a fitness class or the gym
  • Go swimming
  • Get a massage
  • Plan a day out by yourself – a you-date

Last Thoughts

We are always there for our kids, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of ourselves.  It makes us better mums and parents in turn.  Here are some self-care activties that I’ve listed in my bullet journal that I plan on doing in the coming months.  What do you plan on doing to look after yourself?



  1. My baby is 6 months old now and today was the first day I managed to dress up in something other than a baggy top and jeans. It’s amazing how good it feels to do the small things- wearing a skirt and a fine knit top made me feel great on my lunch date with a girl friend. As you say, a bit of lippy, a popping pink nail varnish etc is such a small thing but really gives you a lift. If I get some time to myself (ever!) I plan to sketch like I used to. It’s so important not to let the things that were important to you, that made you YOU slip away just because you’re a mum. Great post xx

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