REVIEW: Which Highchair? Ikea Antilop High Chair and iSafe Booster Seat Review

We’ve just started weaning.  It’s a very interesting, messy process.  Most of the food is either being chucked on the floor or being smeared around the high chair and little dude’s hair/clothes.  I do love it though – funny faces (see below), and he’s finally getting food!!!

What you need to consider

Now there is a lot of deliberation about what high chair to get.  A few factors need to be considered:

  • How do I clean it?
    • Trust me, you want something that is wipe clean.  Seriously, I don’t know who has time to be bunging stuff in the wash everyday, and if little pieces of food get stuck in those pesky corners they will STINK.
  • Can I move it easily? 
    • Sometimes you want to feed by the dining table, sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes you just want to move it.  So you don’t want anything overly heavy or bulky.
  • Can I transport it?
    • If your out and about to people’s houses it’s handy to have something you can easily transport.  Therefore your high chair either needs to be flat pack, or easy to dismantle.
    • If you’re out with your buggy a lot rather than the car – consider something light weight and flat pack.
  • Does it come with a table and can it be removed?
    • Tables are great as they provide the baby a surface to eat from that is at their level.
    • Removable tables are useful (if not essential) because sometimes wipe clean will not do and the dishwasher is required.
    • Is the table big enough for the baby to craft or mush stuff around while you’re doing exciting things?
  • Can it be used for other stuff?
    • Sometimes you want to use it for other stuff rather than feeding so your bubba can sit and observe you doing exciting things (e.g. unloading the dishwasher, putting the washing in the machine, cleaning up the kitchen etc).
  • How are they strapped in?
    • Does it a 5-point or 3-point strap? It matters if your baby is super wriggly.
  • When will my kid grow out of it?
    • You don’t want to be investing in something when your kid grows out of it in 2 months.  Look for longevity.
  • Is it safe?
    • Obviously, you want something sturdy, and can put up with a wriggly little bean jumping around that doesn’t topple over at the slightest movement.
  • How do I store it?
    • I trip over things very easily (I inherited the clumsy gene), so I don’t want to have lots of baby stuff everywhere.  It was important to me we could have something that we could easily pack and store away if needs be.

What I did

There are various types of high chairs suitable for different needs including:

  • Traditional highchairs
  • Contemporary highchairs
  • Single stem highchairs
  • Folding highchairs
  • Travel highchairs
  • Boosters
  • Clamp-on seats
  • Seat harnesses

I’m not going to tell you about them, because Made for Mums did a great article about their pros and cons and you can read that instead.  So considering all the factors and the different highchairs we ended up with two:



Why two?  Well, we wanted something static for the home, but also something that was really mobile.  Originally, I was only going to go for the booster seat, but my very wise mother-in-law pointed out, that maybe I wanted something I could move around so little dude could watch me while securely stationed in one place while I did exciting things around the house (see above for these so-called exciting things!).  Also, I wanted something that I could easily transport in the buggy to friend’s houses and in the car that didn’t take up much space. Hence the reason we got a clamp-on.

What I think (the review bit!)

Good old IKEA

Couldn’t love the IKEA highchair more.  It’s light, I can move it around the house, has plenty of growing space for little dude, and best of all – wipe clean!  Little dude can stay in this for long periods of time without fussing, so it means I can get my exciting things done.

Clamp-on, Clamp-off

I do use this at home quite a bit as little dude has more play space on our table when it’s attached.  He does like it, but starts to fuss within 10 minutes.  I must admit I haven’t used it when we’ve been out much as I’ve forgotten to bring it or we’ve improvised.  I think it’ll be more useful when he’s older.

Last thoughts

There’s quite a bit to consider when getting a high chair, but really you can’t go wrong by getting the IKEA one.  It’s cheap, so if you don’t like it, you haven’t spent that much money in the first place and can always get another one.  What highchair did you get, and how is it working for you?


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