HOW TO: Deal with a newborn cold when you’re ill too

I have a cold again.  I feel terrible – coughing, sneezing, my nose has turned into a broken tap.  My other half was gently (yeah right) nudging me all of last night, because the noise that was coming out of me while sleeping was comparable to a pneumatic drill.  I almost didn’t write this post because I feel so ill.  Woe is me. Continue reading →

HOW TO: What to do when your NCT group doesn’t turn into your mummy tribe

Being an expectant mum at the time and fairly new to the area I live, I had high high hopes for my NCT course.  I was told time and time again by some very well-meaning experienced parents that “This group will be your support network”.  Other phrases included “We still holiday with our NCT lot 8 years after the course” and “NCT course means you can make local mum friends which are invaluable”.  Naturally, I thought my NCT course was where I was going to meet my mummy tribe and I’d be texting them all at 4am when my child wasn’t sleeping, and we would be yummy mummies together pushing our buggies in the local parks with coffees in hand every Wednesday. Like I said, I had high hopes.

It didn’t deliver. Continue reading →

WITH HINDSIGHT: Breastfeeding, what I wish I’d known

I’ve been breastfeeding solely nearly 5 months.  I’ve been lucky and it’s been really easy for us from day 1, and we’ve never had a problem (well apart from the time I got mastitis, soooo painful!!).  However, the little man isn’t taking a bottle, even with expressed breastmilk.  He takes one look at it, and bats it away with his tiny hand.  I know I should be persevering with introducing the bottle, but I want an easy life and don’t want to deal with the fussing that accompanies it. Plus, he’s going to be weaned soon, so this will be a moot point. Continue reading →

HOW TO: Host a Hen Do with a Newborn

Back in June I hosted my first ever hen do and also happened to have a 9 week old child with me. Prior to that, I googled and googled hoping to find a shred of advice on how to host a hen do with a newborn and found nothing, ziltch, nadda.  Luckily, my pre-maternity leave job requires me to be super organised, so I honed on that skill and planned a weekend that was a 4 hour drive away.  I can honestly say that it was a great hen do  -guests loved it, bride raved about it, I wasn’t totally exhausted at the end of it and importantly the little man enjoyed a little break away.
So below I’ve written down some of the things I thought worked well for me along the way.  It isn’t a complete guide on how to plan a hen do but I hope that if you are in the same position this will be a good starting point. Continue reading →