HOW TO: Manage a wedding with a newborn (or thereabouts)

So you’ve got the invite and you’ve already said yes to going and you’ve decided to take the baby with you… but how do you manage a wedding with a newborn? Let’s face it, going to a wedding with a newborn is stressful. Gone are the days of getting slaughtered and being the last one standing (well for a few months anyway). There is now a little person you are looking after that doesn’t quite understand wedding etiquette or that you need both hands to eat a meal without getting it down yourself.

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Well hello there and welcome to my baby/parenting/whatever happens on the day blog. Yes, I know it’s another parenting blog, however I hope what you find in this blog helps even a few of you in some way shape of form.

My little one was born in April 2016 and it’s been a roller-coaster ride.  I hope to share this with you and pass on the little things I’ve found have helped me through winging it :).

P.S. Want to know where you can get the handprints above?  We got them at mothercare.  For more information click here.